Why G-Stock

G-Stock provides a comprehensive view of your stock inventory. You can access all the information in a single, customizable dashboard that shows stock history, outstanding payments, and more.

Streamlined Stock Management

Easy To Use

Cost Efficient

Speedy Business Process

01 Real-time Stock Visibility

GStock provide real-time visibility into stock levels. Businesses can access up-to-date information on inventory quantities, ensuring accurate tracking and preventing stockouts or overstock situations.

02 Party Management

GStock party management consists of all the details you need to maintain a relationship with your customer and vendors. It helps in effective management, prioritization of customer and much more.

03 Reporting and Analytics

GStock provides powerful reporting and analytics tools that offer valuable insights into stock performance, sales trends, and profitability.
These features enable businesses to optimize their stock management strategies and drive business growth.


Other features

Tax Management

GStock includes tax management features that help businesses efficiently handle and manage taxes related to their stock inventory. These features assist in ensuring compliance with tax regulations and streamlining tax-related processes.

Expense Management

GStock helps in the process of reporting, submitting and auditing employee-initiated business expenses. From time to time, the employees of any organization incur expenses in order to keep the business running, ranging from travel and entertainment expenses to office supplies.

Sale Management

GStock allows businesses to input and manage customer orders within the software. Users can easily create and track orders, including product quantities, pricing, discounts, and delivery information. This streamlines the order fulfillment process and ensures accurate and timely delivery to customers.

User Management

Businesses can define user access levels and roles within GStock to control which features and data each user can access. This helps maintain data security and ensures that users have appropriate permissions based on their roles and responsibilities.

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